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  1. After a particularly hard rain, give yourself at least 5 days before reentering the ocean, otherwise you could be flirting with eye and ear infections, rashes, red-eye syndrome and Hepatitis.
  2. Don't try to surf Zuma when it's 6ft.+ It's rarely rideable at this size and breaks harder than most waves...Go to a point break instead.
  3. The rocks at Topanga are especially sharp--wear booties and avoid really low tides here.
  4. Bay Street in Santa Monica is a fun spot for beginners but can get extremely crowded with locals and overbooked surf schools. Get there early!
  5. Sunset Point is a great choice for a beginner, but is only GOOD at low tide...And nearby Gladstones will hook you up for a tasty meal afterward.
  6. Don't paddle out at "Chart House Point" unless you're confident getting barreled!
  7. Surfing in the Venice area can be O.K. , but cruising along the Boardwalk is usually a better bet.
  8. There are few surfable waves north of Topanga all the way till Malibu Pier, "Surfrider Beach."
  9. If you intend to leave your belongings on the beach while you're out in the water, it might be a good thing to bring something bright and easily recognized from a distance.
  10. The following items can be useful:
    • sunscreen
    • sunglasses
    • wax
    • wax comb
    • a leash
    • a quarter (to tighten plastic screws on softboards.)
    • hat or visor
    • tide table
    • peroxide, band aids, tweezers
    • a positive attitude and patience on the P.C.H.

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